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About Ballville Fire Department

Ballville Volunteer Fire Department Inc. is a private, non-profit organization providing Ballville Township with fire suppression and rescue services. Our department is comprised of approximately 28 members servicing about 6500 citizens in  Ballville Township, Sandusky County, Ohio.   The majority of our members have achieved Firefighter Level I and Medical First Responder Level.  Our membership provides fire suppression and prevention services as well as rescue.  Special rescue services include: swift water, ice, and deep water, trench collapse, structural collapse, confined space, high and low angle rope rescue, and hazmat.  

Our Mission, Our Vision


Mission: The mission of the Ballville Township Volunteer Fire Department is to provide the best possible support in any emergency and non-emergency situation to the citizens that are entrusted to our care.


Vision:  The Ballville Township Volunteer Fire Department will strive to become the best trained and equipped volunteer fire department in the county.  Through extensive member training, the purchasing of state of the art equipment, and a staff of dedicated individuals, we plan on achieving this goal.  We will answer the call for need in the most professional manner foreseeable no matter where, when, who, or why.  We also will always value the community that supports us in every possible way so long as the ability is there.  To be a member of the Ballville Township Volunteer Fire Department, will be to act and live as a leader and a role model to everyone.

Our Fleet.


Ballville Fire Department operates one station consisting of 1 engine, 1 engine/tanker, 1 tanker, 2 rescue trucks, and various trailers of equipment.  To see our equipment, click here.  

Become A Firefighter
Become a Firefighter at Ballville Volunteer Fire Dpeartment

We are always looking for motivated people to join our organization.  If you think you would like to join, click below!

Order an Address Sign
Order a Address Sign | Ballville Volunteer Fire Department

Help us find you in an emergency! Place a reflective address sign in front of your house!

Click below to get one!

Community Hall Rental Information
Community Hall.jpg

Our community hall is available for rent for almost any occasion!  Call (419)680-0614 for more information and availability.  

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